Discipline is prompt obedience to the orders of the authority; ft is the habit of acting according to the rules. Aristotle said, “Discipline is the obedience to rules formed by the society for the good of all”.

Man is a social being. He can make progress only in the society. So the well being of the society must be the goal of the individual. This is why sometimes an individual has to sacrifice his personal interest for the good of the society. This could be attained only if the individual is disciplined.

Discipline is necessary in every field of life. Without it, there is chaos. If the members of a family do not obey the head of the family, they will never be happy. They could not decide anything as every one of them try to implement their own likenesses.

Discipline is necessary even in the playground. Players must obey the captain, if they want to win. If every player plays according to his own whims, the team will lose the game. They can put up a good fight, if they remain united and act as a single unit. This is possible only when all the players obey the captain.

Schools and homes are the places where young men and women are taught to obey the elders, authorities and friends. If the students do not obey the rules of the school for the common good, the results can­not improve. In the long run, the students will suffer. Education which does not inculcate discipline is useless.

Discipline is very essential in the army. Military discipline is known to everybody. A soldier has to obey his commander. He cannot argue and reason. It is his duty to obey.

In the administrative sphere, the value of discipline is no less im­portant It is the duty of the peon to obey the clerk who has to obey his immediate officer. In this way, the whole system works and runs. Ev­erybody has to follow certain rules.

Today, the condition of our country is very pitiable. The officers do not care for the government property. No one has any time to work honestly and sincerely. Market is full of adulterated goods. All these are the results of indiscipline. Unless the people are disciplined, all talks of a better world are meaningless.