In recent years, the ozone layer has been topic of much conversation. It is present in the stratosphere. Three atoms of oxygen form this bluish gas. The form of oxygen that humans break the in consists of two oxygen atoms. The ozone layer protects the earth from the ultraviolet rays sent down by the sun. if ozone layer is exhausted by human action; the effect on the planet could be catastrophic. The stratosphere reaches 30 miles above the earth, and at the very top, it contains ozone. The sun-rays are absorbed by the ozone and thus do not reach the earth. When found on the surface of the planet, ozone is considered dangerous pollutant and is one substance responsible for producing the green house effect. In addition, right so, because the ozone layer protects both plant and animal life on the planet.

The fact that the ozone layer is depleted was discovered in the mid 1980-s. The main cause of this is the production and emission of the CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). Antarctica was an early sufferer of ozone depletion; a massive hole in the ozone layer right above Antarctic now threats not only that continent, but also many other that could be the ozone depletion problem came as a great surprise. Now action must be taken to ensure that the layer is not destroyed. Because widespread of CFCs and are used in such a great variety of products, limiting their use in hard. In the Montreal Protocol, 30 nations world wide agreed to reduce the usage of CFCs and encouraged other countries to do so well. However, environmentalists felt the treaty did ‘too little, too late “and the national resource defence for CFCs and people in general are becoming more aware of the dangers of ozone depletion.