One day, I was returning from school by a bus. My house is quite far from the school. I boarded a bus, which was over-crowded. There was no place even to stand. People were pushing each other. I could not reach the bus conductor to get a ticket. I gave a five-rupee note a fellow passenger and requested him to pass the money to the conductor and get me a ticket. But the money got lost and I didn’t ticket. I did not have any money left with me. So I could not buy a ticket. I was very nervous and frightened. I knew that traveling without ticket is an offence. I told the conductor about my problem. He was quite annoyed with me and asked me to get down at the next stop. Just then the bus stopped. Before I could get down the ticket examiner entered the bus. I was shaking with fright. He asked me to show him the ticket. I told him my problem. He was a kind person. He said that I should not have trusted other people with money. He also advised me to keep extra money with me. He did not fine me, as I was a student. An old lady was listening all this. She was very kind. She offered to buy a ticket for me. I was very thankful to her. This incident taught me lesson. Now I make it point to buy the ticket myself. I also keep some extra money with me.