Food is necessary for our body. Similarly we also need food for our mind. The food for the mind is reading. It has a joy of its own. According to Francis Bacon,”Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man”. Perfection is the aim of man. He takes pleasure in being called perfect.

There is no doubt that reading has many advantages. By reading only, a person can become a complete man because by reading he acquires knowledge and wisdom. Books widen our outlook and place the treasure of knowledge before us. By reading good books we can also acquire noble virtue. The pleasure one derives from reading is recreative. Reading gives us a peculiar joy and we forget the cares and worries of life. A man who has acquired a habit of reading has secured a life-long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration. He always has a pleasant occupation of the moments of his leisure. Reading makes a man sophisticated and cultured. Reading of books is a great pleasure. It gives us peace of mind and satisfaction. When we feel tired and dull, the books of great writers give us peace of mind and make us optimists. These books contain many valuable ideas which guide our life. Books also inspire us to work hard and achieve success in our life. By reading books, we can develop also our natural talents.

Reading is of different kinds. Firstly, there is light reading, which means reading of newspaper, journals, periodicals, etc. Newspapers and journals are store houses of information about current events. This type of reading is delightful and instructive. Next we come to books of travel and adventure. Man wants to escape from the dull realities of daily life. Books of travel and adventure infuse in us a spirit of adventure and fearlessness. The reading of novel is a pleasant pastime. A reader forgets himself for the time being and identifies himself with the characters of the novel. Then there are books of serious reading. They include work of literature, history, philosophy, etc. Such reading enables one to come into contact with the masterminds of all times.

One should be very careful in the choice of books. Young minds get corrupted by reading trash. Good books are purifying. They enlarge and enrich our mind and mould our character. The habit of reading is a sign of culture. Books are the gold-mines of art, literature, science and information.