Travelling is the one of most delightful experience of man-kind. People have always enjoyed going from place to place seeing men and things. Man travels for personal reasons, for adventure, for trade, for sight-seeing, for pilgrimage, for education or for conquering unknown lands.

Travelling is a great source of knowledge. While travelling a person meets different persons and visit different places. This will increase his knowledge. In Europe, schooling is incomplete without a tour of the continent. Travelling is a pleasure. A person can escape from his daily routine and worries by travelling. It gives him the opportunity to meet his friends and relatives who are living far away. It also gives him chance to meet new people and get acquainted with their customs and tradition.

Travelling had great educational value. Travelling teaches better than books. It supplements our book knowledge. Geography is a dull and uninspiring subject if it is studied in the class rooms. If the Himalayas and the Ganges are seen by the student, the dull subject of geography becomes living and absorbing. A student of sociology can gather much from the customs and ways of life of the people living in different regions of the world by travelling. A student of history can obtain a vivid account of history in historical monuments. A foreign language can be learnt easily and quickly by moving among the people who speak it.

Travelling gives us practical experience of the world. A traveller comes in contact with various types of people. He can acquire a lot of practical knowledge about men and things of the world which no book can impart. Thus travelling acquaints us with the style of living, habits, customs, traditions, food, clothing and the nature of people distributed all over the world. Travelling broadens our outlook. By travelling, a person become social and learns to mix with other people. His outlook becomes cosmopolitan. He is freed from narrow-mindedness and prejudices. Thus travelling makes his outlook liberal and cultivates in him a spirit of toleration. All those who travel extensively become most considerate persons. Travelling deepends our sympathies and develops in us a correct sense of values.

Travelling brings men of all nations and ages together. It promotes the spirit of unity and brotherhood. In a country like India where the evils of casteism, communalism and parochalism prevail, travelling can do much to remove such evils and bring people together. Travelling abroad develops the spirit of universal brotherhood and cosmopolitanism. Many of the world’s problems can be solved by means of free travel. Lack of communication among countries is the main cause of disputes between them.

Travelling brings us closer to nature. We can enjoy the beauty of snow-clad mountains, huge waterfall, forests, seas, and the rising and setting of the sun. Travelling exposes us to different weather condition also. It also promotes trade and commerce. It gives us practical knowledge of trade and commerce. A visit to a commercial centre quickness trade. By travelling, one comes to know the productive activity in different places and the materials required in those places. He can carry commodities produced in one place in plenty to those places where they are not available. Travelling is also essential for the health of the body and the mind.

Travelling is thus a wonderful experience. It is training for the mind and the spirit. In order to take full advantage of travelling, one must have eye to see, ears to listen and an intense desire to learn.