A railway station is a world by itself. One can see here people from all sections of the society and all parts of the country. It presents a colorful scene. The rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the young and the old, mingle here. People belongings to all castes, creed, color, language, culture and religion mix up freely at a railway station.

A railway station is full of hustle and noise. It is a very lively place. People rush up and down. Outside the station there are rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis and private vehicles waiting for the passengers. There is a great rush of passengers. Some are coming out as they have just arrived and are going to their destinations while others are hurrying to catch the train. Hundreds of coolies wait there for the passengers to carry their luggage.

There is a great rush at the booking counters. The passengers stand in long queues to buy tickets for their journey. There are policemen to maintain order and keep an eye on pick-pockets. There are people waiting outside the enquiry offices to get information regarding the arrival and departure of trains. Inside the station, there are waiting rooms where people can take rest still the trains come.

On the platforms large numbers of passengers are waiting for the train. Some of them are sitting on benches. Many others sit on the bare ground. Some are walking up and down the platform. Every now and then they look in the direction from which the train is to come. There are tea stalls, book stalls, book stalls and fruit stalls on the platform. The hawkers move up and down the platform selling their goods. People’s talk, children’s cries, shouts of hawkers and coolies, and the roar of trains fill the platforms with noise.

As soon as the bell rings, people become alert. When they catch sight of the smoke rising from the engine, they get ready and stand up. As the train steams in, everyone moves quickly. They start running to and fro. The crowds struggle at the door of pushing and pulling others. No one cares for the children, the old and the sick. Coolies with luggage on their heads try to get into the compartments.

There are many emotional scenes which one can see on a platform. Some have come to see off their dear ones and some others to receive their friends and relatives. People see off their dear ones with heavy hearts. Equally emotional is the meeting of those who come to receive. The guard whistles and waves a green flag and the train starts moving. Thousands of hands are seen waving in the air, saying goodbye to their dear ones. As soon as the train leaves, everything comes to a standstill again. The station seems deserted. The same scenes are repeated throughout the day.