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There is a general feeling that in the modern world politicians have brought down the institution of politics to an area wrought with corruption, deceit, backbiting, manipulations, hooliganisms etc. it is precisely for these reasons that most people stay away from it. It is an issue to be debated. In most cases, although people have the talent and the inclination to make great strides in politics, they shun it due to a feeling of repulsion and regret. In such a scenario letting students to get involved in politics evokes trivial responses.

Students of today live in an age where impressions create honour and pride. Student power is like a double- edged sword. They are like raw clay and if moulded with the right ideals they can revolutionalize and turn a country from doldrums to the pinnacle of achievement and glory. But if misguided they could be problematic to the society and would result in a pitiable state wherein manpower and energy are wasted.

Most students are at crossroads trying to decide on the most suitable profession/career/stream of study in keeping with their aptitude and talents. Students’ involvement in politics at this stage would mean diverting their main attention from their academic pursuits, which at this point, is of prime importance. It may be argued that the infusion of youthful would go a long way in revamping the political system favour. But there is also a risk the students-being drawn into the current score of politics, wherein they will neither qualify themselves academically nor make a place for themselves in politics.

The youth hold promises for future in any society. Being young and energetic, students are a force to reckon with and channeling this force in the right direction under proper guidance for constructive purposes is absolutely important. Instilling the right values in them is of top priority. They need the acquisition of formal education, guidance from good teachers to make any distinction between the good and the bad.

It is worthwhile to remember that the prime task before a student is to complete his/her education only after fulfilling it could he/she enter the political scenario. Otherwise they would turn to gullible preys to political parties which would look upon them as huge beneficiaries to fulfill their vile motives. Politics as e saying goes is perhaps ‘the last resort of a scoundrel’. A studious person should be well aware of its malicious effect on his studies.

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