People are afraid of adversities. They shun difficulties and want to lead a life of luxury and comfort. But the world famous poets—dramatist, Shakespeare, held a different opinion. For him the uses of adversity are sweet. He compares adversity to toads. A toad is ugly. We hate it. But it has a jewel in its head. So also we are afraid of adversity. But it has also many sweet uses. Adversity is a blessing in disguise. It is not a curse as is generally supposed.

Misfortunes make man. They are the real tests of character. One who faces difficulties comes out of the encounter better and abler. They are like a hard school-master. Students are afraid of such a teacher. He works from them and punishes them also. But he has the good students at heart. He makes their career. So difficulties are also good M man in the long run. One should not be afraid of them. Difficulties and develop the natural faculties of a man just as herbs give out H sweet fragrance when they are crushed, so a man of real ability or mm shines all the brighter when pressed with difficulties. So we should not be afraid of difficulties but rather welcome them. They are like the bitter pills, which the doctor gives his patient to cure him. Adversity is to m own good. It may be bitter at the time, but its uses are really sweet Difficulties are the ladders on which we climb to success, nothing can be achieved, or has ever been achieved, without grappling with difficulties. All the great men of the world are those who faced difficulties bravely and then overcame them. Those who lead a life of ease and comfort and never achieve much. Nothing is to be expected of such people, but everything is possible for those who have faced difficulties, have failed but have persisted in spite of failure. Difficulties vanish when they faced boldly. They are like thieves that take to their heels at the first encounter. What appear to be unsure mountable mountains disappear before a bold attempt, and paths hitherto unseen open out to the view, Everest was conquered by those who boldly faced the dangers in their way and did not falter on their attempts, in spite of initial failures; Columbus could discover America only because he faced the unknown wild oceans with confidence and courage and did not care for any difficulties. The entire human civilization is but a record of the exploit so those heroic souls who were undeterred by any difficulties that came in their way. Rather, the difficulties were but spurs that goaded them onto make yet greater efforts.