Essay Writing – The Vagaries of Corruption

As the disease of cancer eats into the vitals of a human being, so does the cancer of corruption into the vitals of society. Corruption is thus comparable to cancer. Corruption has many denotations all of  which signify the most evil and the abhorrent. Corruption is widespread moral deterioration, corruption is use of corrupt practices, especially bribery or fraud, corruption is irregular alteration of a text, language etc., from its original state, corruption is decomposition. It is bribery that illegal gratification of a person who has shown favor by allotting something requires urgently. It is a pity that one cannot secure his rights just by guaranteed by the constitution without gratifying the avarice of some corrupt people. Corruption plays an important role in our social life and it has spread its vicious tentacles everywhere. Corruption is rampant in all walks of life.

Instances of corruption have rocked the nation now and then. The general feeling is that ministers, politicians and bureaucrats join hands in promoting corruption. Corruption has become a chain reaction and this means that the person at the lowest administrative level passes on a percentage of the bribe to persons higher up. Money given as bribe to a petty official changes hands till a certain percentage of it reaches at higher level. This is no concoction. How is it that bureaucrats with affixed income become multimillionaire? If you list the financial scandals and incidents of corruption in India in some decades they may number thousands. It is surprising that many officers and politicians who get involved in corruption go scot-free.

A world survey places India far down in the list of countries with a continuing history of corruption and yet we cannot be proud that India is not as corrupt as some other countries, especially the Scandinavian countries, where corruption is a common phenomenon. Bribing is but one aspect of the wide–tentacled Monster of Corruption. The financial Scandals in banks which are the custodians of people’s hard-earned money should be condemned outright. Such scandals make bring us to a pathetic state of affairs. If bureaucrats at the highest level are corrupt and cheat the gullible public, it should be said that the country’s position is at a low ebb.

It is shocking to realize that the Government contractors who finish some building projects, or erect some plants have to pay a certain amount to get their bills passed. A certain percentage of their profit goes to the clerk and other officers who are responsible for passing the bills. In the court premises there are many who have to be bribed if at all a legal matter is to be settled well. Nowadays admission to some schools, colleges, technical institutions and medical colleges is done by paying a heavy amount as bribe. Many politicians including ministers hold the record of being past criminals with a history of murders and corrupt practices. How can they ever be trusted?   The evil of corruption is to be wiped out from the face of the society if at all peace and righteousness to be preserved.

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