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Newspapers and magazines were a rarity even in the eighteenth century. But during the last two centuries, as education spread and more and more people learned to read, more and more newspapers began to appear. Today, even in backward countries, there are plenty of newspapers and periodicals which appear in many languages.

In India today, though nearly 450 million people are still illiterate, there is a bewildering variety of newspapers and periodicals, which appear in many languages. This is because we have many millions of literate and educated people who are interested in gathering news and informing themselves of developments in the world. Most of the popular newspapers in India are those published in English. But there are also a great many newspapers published in Indian languages, which enjoy very large circulations.

Obviously, the number of Indians interested in reading newspaper is very large. Among educated people, English – language newspaper are most popular. These people usually read also another newspaper in their own mother- tongue. Even people who do not normally read books have the habit of reading newspapers. Even heavily over-worked people manage to set apart some time to read newspapers. People want to read newspapers, because, from them they can get much up-to-date information about what has been happening in the world recently, especially during the previous day.

The information brought by newspapers covers various spheres of human activity, and other developments. Political development around the world, industrial activity, financial matters, business information, sports news – these are all there. There are in a newspapers reports from correspondents about natural calamities, murders and other crimes, violations of human rights, police brutality, charitable activities of human organizations and individuals, and a great many others matters of general interest. An important service rendered by newspapers is the publication of advertisements. Actually, most newspapers depend on the revenues coming from advertisers for their economic well-being.

An advertisement covers a very large range of human needs and requirements. Those who have got something to sell, those who want to buy some particular thing or other, those who are looking for brides or grooms, those who want servants or workers, those who want information about courses of studies  available in educational institutions, and those who have various other requirements, consult the advertisement columns in the newspapers.

Some newspapers publish obituaries, which bring information about demise of relatives or friends even before the information comes from the other sources. The editorials in some newspapers are packed information and creative criticism. They serve as a guide to readers in forming their own opinions about political and other developments. Some newspapers also provide some space for the publication of letters from readers. This is an encouragement to intellectually inclined readers. Newspapers thus render a tremendous amount of service to the educated public. They thus contribute much towards the continued education of the reading public.

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