Essay Writing Topics on A HOUSE ON FIRE


One summer night, I was sleeping on the terrace of my house. A cool breeze was blowing and I was in sweet slumber. Suddenly, I heard the cries of people. I woke up and found that a house in my neighbour was on fire. The house belonged to Mr. Das. I was that smoke and flames were raising high to the sky. People were rushing with buckets of water towards the house. I immediately rang up the fire station. Then I too started throwing water on the house on fire. I brought my garden hose and attached it to the tap. The women and children of the house were crying bitterly. I called them to my house and made them comfortable. Some daring men went inside and started throwing their household belongings out of the window. However, much could not be saved. Mr. Das was inconsolable. The flames were rising higher and higher. Just then two fire brigade engines arrived. Soon, the firemen brought the fire under control. Everybody was praising the firemen. There was a big loss of Mr. Das’s property. A major portion of the house had fallen. Household things were still smoldering. Luckily, there was no loss of life.