Essay Writing Topics on A HOUSE ON FIRE


It was midnight, when hands of clock joined palms. There was deep silence everywhere. I was enjoying a sound sleep in my room with my younger brother. All of a sudden, I was awakened by noise of foot steps outside. It appeared as if the people were running in the street. I got up and peeped down the window. I came to know that the house of one my neighbor was ablaze.

In no time I was there on the spot. The house was completely enveloped in fire. A strong wind fanned the fire. The flames leapt to sky giving out the clouds of smoke. The owner of house was beating his breast, crying “I am undone!, I have lost all!” The articles were lying scattered in the street. There was endless hurry and excitement. Many men were busy in bringing buckets of water while others poured it on the fire. I too, joined them. We tried our best to put out the fire, but all our efforts were in vain. Soon the whole building with everything in it was burnt to ashes.

The fire brigade was rung up. In no time it was there. A crew of active men in brass helmets got to work. Finally the fire was brought under control after an hour. God be thanked, the neighbouring house had not caught fire.

It is said that it was all due to the carelessness of the servant who was a heavy smoker. While smoking his pipe, he dozed off to sleep. The burning ashes from pipe fell down on a bundle of papers lying there and set fire to the bed. Soon the fire spread in the whole building.

The loss was estimated at four lakh rupees. A few had small injuries, and were taken to hospital in ambulance. But thank God there was no loss of life.