Essay Writing Topics on A SCHOOL FUNCTION


Prize distribution function is an important day in the academic of February. It is held every year, in the month of February. This year the function was held on the 20th of February. This minister of education was the chief guest. He presided over the function and gave away the prizes. The preparation for the function and gave away the prizes. The preparation for the function had started a week before. The whole building whitewashed. It was decorated with charts, pictures, maps and mottoes. The function took place in the auditorium. It was colourfully and tastefully decorated. The prizes were arranged on a long table. The chief guest arrived on time. The Principle and senior teachers received him. First of all, he lighted the lamp. Then he entered the hall amidst clapping. Welcome son was sung and he was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Class XI students staged a skit. The principal read out the annual report. The report was followed by a short speech by the chief guest. Then he gave away the prizes. There were around 150 prize winners. The chief guest congratulated each and every prize winner and stood for photographs with them. The function was over with a vote of thanks read out by the vice-principal of the school. Then we all stood up and sang the National Anthem. The Principal declared that the next day would be a holiday. We were very happy to hear it.