Essay Writing Topics on A VILLAGE MELA


In the villages there are scare populations so often daily markets are not held. For this the population of villages depends on ‘hats’ or periodic melas. These melas may be associated with the social or religious events. The events and the dates of melas are known to all the people of the villages and nearly places.

Primarily ‘melas’ are for the purchases and sale of essential goods. Besides, these melas are sources of enjoyment and merrymaking. In the mela, normally there are different sectios dealing with common goods of consumption, utensils, potteries, sweets and other eatables, entertainments etc.

Mostly, men visit the ‘mela’ during morning to evening. Women often visit the mela during noon. They purchase household goods, cloths, bangles, articles of ‘fashions and make-up’, toys for children, potteries etc. Women, in general, visit the mela in groups. The shops dealing with women’s interest have brisk transaction in noon time.

Melas also have tenst of small zoo and mini-circus feats. All these are of small size. The “zoo” consists of only1-2 animals. “Circus” consists of some small feats of physical exercises by men and women.

For children, the shops dealing with toys are very popular and these attract children and women most. Toys are clay, wood, paper, plastic and tin. Prices also vary from toy to toy. Women try to bargain. However, the children sometimes become obstinate to have toys. Shop-keepers take advantage of this and ask for higher prices.

The visitors enjoy different types of eatables at reasonable prices. Villager enjoy mela for a few days.