Essay Writing Topics on AGREEMENT


India and United States operationalised the nuclear deal in 2008 by signing the 123 agreement was extra ordinary and confirmed the infinite prospective for strategic corporation between India and the United States. It is anticipated to boost nuclear power generation in India from 4000 megawatts to 20000 mega watts by 2020 through this agreement. It will encourage world economic growth as nuclear power plant projects worth more than 150 billion dollars will be up for grabs by developed countries. The world economy, which is facing a severe collapse, is expected to get a bit advance nuclear energy investments in India however, the nuclear contract was not just nuclear collaboration. It is supportive to battle against terrorism, to try a new socialist agenda for the twenty first century. Under this deal, India has under taken to separate its civilian and military nuclear facilities , place the former under full-scope international atomic energy agency safeguards, take various measures to prevent export of nuclear weapons technology, contribute to other international non proliferation regimes, as well as to continue with its confirmed suspension on nuclear tests. In other words, India would obey with all obligations of nuclear weapons states which are signatories to the nuclear non proliferation treaty that India has every time held to be discriminatory and has thus never joined.

 In short, India will advantage from this deal. Primarily is the de facto recognition of India as nuclear power . Second is future recognition of India as permanent UN Security Council Member. India has tried this in last three years, but not succeeded. When UN reforming movement gains strength in the future, India will, surely be right there and waiting for this opportunity.