Essay Writing Topics on CASTEISM


Every citizen of our country is equal in the eyes of Indian constitution. At present, India is the biggest democracy in the world, yet democracy has not been established in India in the real state. Unfortunately there are such acute social and economic inequalities which have immensely affected Indian democracy. These factors are casteism, untouchability, communalism and regional imbalances etc.

Amongst these social evils of the society, casteism is the most acute problem of the day. Distinction of caste is present in our society since olden times. Even today there are about 3000 castes and sub caste in India. Casteism is the behaviour which inspires the high caste people to hate and exploit the low caste people. People of high caste consider themselves to be superior to those of other castes. It has divided the country into many different categories. Caste system or casteism is a vital and integral part of Indian Society and it has immensely influenced Indian politics too. It makes the people narrow minded. They do not hesitate harming the country while fulfilling their own motives.

The politics of all the states in our country suffers from the abuse of casteism. Democracy is deeply affected by casteism in the following ways

  • It is against the principle of democracy. It reduces the feelings of love and fraternity.
  • It is also against the principle of equality.
  • It gives birth to the feeling under which a person considers the people of his own caste to be his friends but those of other caste to be his rivals.
  • It leads to the feeling of hatred and discards human considerations and thus hits the unity of the nation.
  • It causes hindrance to economic development of the country as the people can’t do the jobs and occupations of their own choice as they are decided on the basis of caste.
  • It promotes the feeling of high and low in them.
  • It encourages communalism.

Casteism plays a dirty role in election. Generally, the candidates are selected on the basis of caste. Election propaganda is also carried out on the basis of it. People give due consideration to caste while exercising their franchise. Sometimes it leads to violence and extremism in Indian society.

Government is trying to remove casteism from the society but we should not rely only on government. We should prepare ourselves to remote this evil. Public opinion should be formed against casteism through the press, the electronic media and cinema. Government should make laws to end casteism. Industrialization should be increased rapidly as it will help to abolish casteism to some extent.

Our country cannot progress until everyone respects each other. All are equal in the eyes of law, so we should be free from the bonds of caste, creed and religion.