Essay Writing Topics on CHARACTER AND CAREER


If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost, something is lost.

If character is lost, everything is lost.

The young people of today have forgotten the importance of this old saying; bit it is as true  today as it was in the past and it shines as gold in the dark clouds of modern thinking. Most of the people regard money as the sole yardstick of their happy life; but money alone is not sufficient. What is the use of wealth if you have no health? Henry Ford was the richest man of the world but he died an ailing man longing for a breath of good health.

Besides, health and wealth, we need character, which is the most important parameter in the success of life. If you have no character, you can never be happy and successful. If you are dishonest and nobody trusts you, what is the use of your gold? Gold can be stolen but nobody can rob you of goodwill. Money comes and goes, but your character stays with you forever. No thief can walk away with your character.

Kwan Ning and Hwa In were two scholars of the Wei Dynasty (A.D.220-265). They would work together in the field and sit together in the library. One day when they were digging together in the field, they found a piece of gold. Kwan Ning took no notice of it and continued to dig; but Hwa In picked it up and gazed at it before he threw it down. Another day when they were studying together in the library and sitting together as usual, there were shouts in the streets that a nobleman riding a fine carriage was passing by Kwan Ning took no notice of it but Hwa In attracted by the splendour, abandoned his study and rushed out to have a look.

Since this incident, Kwan Ning had a low opinion of Hwa In and separated his own seat from his, saying to him; “You are no friend of mine”. Hence the expression “to cut one’s seat”, which means to break one’s relations. It is best to cut your seat with bad boys and bad girls as early as possible, because the more you stay in their company the more dangerous they become to you.

History shows that Kwan Ning was right; for a while he refused to co-operate with the corrupt and evil rulers in any way and on any terms. Hwa In became a minister of corrupt and evil king for his selfish motives. Such people never do any good to the people and they are enemies of the nation. Their education is a complete failure and sheer waste of time and money.

As a great Russian writer said : “It is not the brain that matters most, but that which guides it – the heart, the character, generous qualities, progressive ideas”.