Essay Writing Topics on HOLIDAYS


In normal case there is none who doesn’t enjoy holidays. Holidays are necessary for the real enjoyment of life. There would be no pleasure if there were no holidays. Life without holidays will be dull and unbearable. Man cannot go on working without break. He needs rest and change. It is to remembered that to have no work at all would be equally boring so we must know well how to spend our holidays.

According to Gandhiji, students should go to villages in summer holidays. It is the time when the students can serve India. He tells them to work for the social and political uplift the villages.

Students should live with the villagers and make friendship with them. They should teach illiterate and inspire them to keep their surroundings clean. The students must act as a model to the villagers in constructing roads that would link the villages with the big cities.

In summer vacation students can make up their deficiency in a particular subject, if any. They can also try to study new subjects or languages. They should be keen not to waste their time in gossip.

Physically weak students can also take special measures to improve their health during the holidays. This is the time that the students can relax. They should go for morning walk and take some exercises in fresh air.

There are some self supporting students in schools. They belong to poor families. They can earn enough money to support themselves for the remaining month of the year. They can take up part time or full time jobs during the summer vacation.

Students and teachers can undertake all India tour during holidays. Many schools arrange excursion trips for students and teachers.

People have very different ideas of enjoying holidays. Some think that getting up late in the morning and sleeping away the whole afternoon are the best ways to enjoy holidays.

Some people have better idea of spending the holidays. Some of them spend their time before the television. Quite a few of them spend a major part of their time in the kitchen. Some like to make gardens. There are others who read novels throughout the day.

More active holiday users arrange picnics. It is seen that almost all the parks and gardens are full during holidays.

Holidays give rest to our tired limbs. We feel fresh when we go to schools after enjoying holidays. We became energetic to do more work. Care should be taken not to waste our time during holidays. We may read, play or roam about, but we must make full use of the holidays.