Essay Writing Topics on HOW I LEARNT TO RIDE A BICYCLE


My father presented me a bicycle on my birthday. But I did not know how to ride it. Anyway, I took my bicycle to a nearby park with a friend. He helped me in riding on it. Then he pushed it from behind. The bicycle ran forward. I could not stop it. I fell down. I bruised my legs and hands. Still I did not give up. Again I sat on the seat and my friend pushed it forward. This time he did not leave the cycle. He ran with me holding the cycle. I tried to maintain my balance. I asked my friend to leave the cycle. This time I applied the brakes slowly and succeeded in stopping it at my will. I took two rounds of the park. All this time my friend was running after my cycle. I went home quite satisfied with my progress. My friend promises me to accompany me to the park whenever I would practice cycling. For several days, I practiced with my friend and on several occasions, I fell. But I did not give up. After a week, I was able to ride the cycle independently. I was very happy