MAKE AN EXHIBITION OF YOURSELF – Best Sales and marketing Ideas #81

101 Best Sales and marketing Ideas

IDEA 81:


In some circumstances, like at an exhibition, sales people need to be prepared to take a positive and appropriate initiative. Nobody should ever say “Can I help you?” (To which most say, instinctively, “No thank you”). Nor should you launch into along technical explanation replete with jargon. Better start with an open question – in other words, something that does not lend itself to being answered by “Yes” or “No”.


From the aware exhibitor…

So say something designed to get people talking:

  • What are you hoping to find at the show?
  • How much do you know about us?
  • Where are you from?

Equally, do not frighten off. There are probably people jumping out at them every few yards, so remember the purpose of this first initiative is to:

  • make the visitor feel at ease
  • get them talking
  • discover their exact interest
  • identify their needs
  • get them deciding it is worth spending some time with you.

Try to start with unchallenging openings:

  • introduce yourself by name (this can often result in visitors giving you their name in return)
  • offer a quick demonstration or video explanation of the point attracting attention
  • discuss their particular point of interest or need
  • Ask general question to open the conversation, e.g. “What do you use [the product] for?” or “When might you be considering upgrading?” continuing to favour open questions as you do so.

The overall aim is to move effortlessly into a relaxed and interesting conversation, one that can link to key stages of the sales process, such as identifying needs and focusing on the individual. It is not to hassle people.

In practice

  • Focus on getting key prospects into meaningful conversation.
  • Remember that not everyone will be worth time and attention. If you should establish that someone is not a real prospect, you should still handle them politely (remember, they may become a future customer, or recommend you). If they require information or assistance, give it to them quickly, but do not waste time if the stand is busy. If the stand is quiet, a “just looking” visitor can be valuable – a stand with people already on it tends to encourage others to stop.

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