Essay Writing Topics on LIFE IN A CITY


India is a big country with a variety of villages and cities. Unfortunately, villages which have got healthy living conditions gave no identity of their own. On the other hand, there are metropolitan cities like Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai. A villager who has never been to big cities can’t imagine their life there. These cities have population of many millions. Life in these cities is quite different from that of villages.

City life is not peaceful. There is hustle and bustle always. City dwellers are always busy. There are many facilities such as educational, medical and financial. There are entertainment facilities like cinema halls, theaters, clubs etc. Auditoriums, big play grounds, parks, hotels all add to the beauty of cities.

Different types of offices, factories, mills and industries are also there. Cities are centres of trade and business. So people can get jobs easily.

The rich can enjoy all the facilities. But they are unaffordable to the poor. The big cities have multi storied buildings huge bungalows and beautiful houses. In contrast to these, there are slum. These slums are located far off from   the heart of the cities. Ten to twenty members have to live in a very small and dirty room where there is no arrangement for proper light and air. They are unable to enjoy the facilities that the rich enjoy.

The social life of city is peculiar. The city-dwellers are hard-hearted. They do not know even their neighbours. Their attitude to their neighbours is totally artificial. They only believe in pomp and show. There is also the housing problem. Buildings and rooms are high rented. The living standard in city is also very high.

They remain aloof of natural surroundings. All types of pollution are found there. Air is polluted by various kinds of gases.  Water is polluted by dumping waste materials into it. Sound pollution is yet another problem which disturbs the very nerve of the human beings.

No fresh vegetables and milk are enjoyed by the city people. They can’t lead a peaceful life there as every one has to struggle to earn their livelihood. Even the big cities have the charm of their own. These cities attract thousands of villagers everyday who come here to try their luck. But soon they realize that they have lost not only themselves but their identity, too. One can’t find one’s way in the jungle of human beings.

But, even then, the fact remains that everything’s has its advantages and disadvantages. If the dwellers of big cities can enjoy many facilities, they can’t enjoy the fresh and pure air of the vast and wide villages. On the hand, villagers can enjoy the pure air and healthy surroundings.