Essay Writing Topics on MY FAVOURITE BIRD


My favourite bird is the sparrow. The sparrow is a very common bird. It is to be seen anywhere and everywhere, where human beings alive.

The sparrow is a small size. It has dark brown wings. The underside of its body is lighter in colour. It has small beady eyes and a small beak.

It is a busy and active bird. It wakes up early in the morning. It twitters all the time. Its cheerful twittering wakes up people from their sleep in the mornings. Many sparrows come and sit on my windows still every morning. They twitter so loudly that it is impossible for us to continue sleeping. We have to wake up, open our balcony door and throw some grains to them. Then they hop about and merrily peck at the food grains.

The sparrow is a friendly bird. It likes the company of human beings. It is always to be seen close to people’s houses. It makes friends very easily. Once it knows that you will not hurt it, it hops right inside in your house and flies about all over the place. If you get into the habit of feeding sparrows, they hop into your room to remind you that they are hungry. They are quite intelligent. They notice in which container you store your foodgrains. If you are busy they will fly in and help themselves to the grain, if the container is open.

As birds are such friendly creatures, I wish more and more people would make friends with them, and be kind to them.