Essay Writing Topics on NEWSPAPER


Nowadays newspapers are playing a key role in the life of a human being. People have become so crazy that they can’t do anything without reading a newspaper. As the day dawns newspaper hawkers start rushing on cycle through streets of the city. Many people can’t have their bed tea without newspaper. Many people need it before they open their eyes. If by chance it gets late they wait for it so eagerly as if they are waiting for something the most special.

Today newspapers are very important. They impart us the knowledge of the whole world. As man has developed his thirst for newspaper, he quenches his thirst by knowing what is happening in the world. Current affairs of the world become known to us. We get political, economic and many other important information by reading them.

They are very helpful in giving the news of all kinds. Commercial and news related to trade is found in them. Dealing at stock exchange, quotation of prices, news about the manufactured articles, rated of gold and silver and other commodities are published in them. There we find the news for politicians, lawyers, businessmen, sportsmen and job seekers. All of them read the column of their choice and come to know about them.

It is very useful from the advertisements for point of view. Advertisement of sale and purchase of car, house, flat, bungalow, plots and land etc. are in them. Examination results, transfers and appointments of gazetted officers appear in them. News about murders, theft, robbery and the deaths caused due to dowry is also informed through them. Entertainment programmes are also advertised.

Newspapers have made the world smaller. They tell us what is happening in other parts of the world. We come to know about the ideas of great philosophers, thinkers, reformers, political leaders and scientists of the modern world. They inform us about the policies and progress of other countries. They have brought the world closer.

It is most useful thing for a common man. He can express his views and ideas very easily through the sections of complaints and letters. He can ventilate his social and political grievances through this common platform. They play a very important part in the life of nation. Most newspapers belong to different political parties. They express their views through these newspapers. They inform us about the policies and programmes of government.

Newspapers should have an impartial nature. As it is happening nowadays influential parties put stress on them to publish only that what they want. They should not work under the pressure of wrong persons. They should know their duty and responsibility. Newspaper is the only source which can lead the nation to the highest peak of glory by informing them right views. On the other hand they can mar the nation by misguiding the masses. Distorted news causes strike, agitations, communal riots and other harms too. Freedom of speech does not allow them to publish absurd things which can disturb the peace of nation.

So we can say that newspapers are very important in this modern world. They are the best means of spreading knowledge. Many newspapers are publishing magazines sections on Saturdays and Sundays. They contain many useful articles on cooking, painting, art and monuments etc. They have become the voice of people. So we must select a liberal newspaper.