Essay Writing Topics on NOISE POLLUTION


Pollution has posed a hazardous problem to our survival. It has become one of the current and dangerous items of concern in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. It creates and gives rise to serious problems for health and mind. In Delhi, we find noise pollution in great abundance and it ranks fourth in this aspect in the world. There is a loud noise of trains, buses, cars, scooters, three wheelers, hawkers and loudspeakers. Due to power cuts, people install generators, which also create noise pollution. The roads of Delhi bear the burden of about 25 lakhs of vehicles daily. Then there are ceremonies like marriages etc. where loud bands are played and crackers are burst. All these things are dangerous for our mental health. This deafening noise not only distracts but also diverts our attention. Students are unable to study. Accidents often occur due to the noise. People assemble and make noise, which has direct impact on our ears and brain. We should minimize the level of noise.