Essay Writing Topics on POLLUTION


Modern world has encouraged the pollution now-a-days. Necessities of the modern people are increasing day by day. Increasing demands are the main cause of flourishing industrialization and it causes pollution.

Oxygen is the most part of the atmosphere . Without the presence of oxygen no living being can be lie a healthy like or sometimes it is hard to survive. We get oxygen through air. Plants make the air pure. But plants and woods are being cut and their places new cities are developing. Increasing population is making the environment dirty and impure chemical wastes, smoke, gases, noise and household wastes cause pollution.

Air pollution is a very great problem. It is widespread in India. Chemical wastes of factories, industries, cutting of the forests, dirt and filth of the cities and automobiles all pollute the air by smoke and fumes of sulphur and many acids. Leakage from the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal and unburnt petroleum are also the causes of pollution. Air pollution is very harmful to ozone layer too.

Water is very necessary to life but it too is polluted. The whole of the dirt and filth of the cities and chemical waste of the factories and industries reaches to the rivers through drainage system. Even the ashes of the dead persons and dead animals are thrown into the rivers. In villages, people wash their clothes on the bank of the river and bath their cattle there. All these activities cause pollution in water. Pollution in the drinking water causes diseases in men and animals.

Sound pollution is very harmful. It is mostly found in the big cities. Nobody knows that how slowly it enters the human life and affects the nervous system. Loud sounds of buses, cars, scooters, aeroplanes, trains and trucks cause sound pollution. Loud noise of heavy machines of the factories, industries and workshop is responsible for noise pollution. Loudspeakers, radio and pop music at television sets are the most injurious to human mind when they are tuned at full volume. Too much noise damages the hearing power and it may cause deafness and mental diseases.

Radioactivity is one more reason responsible for the pollution. It is caused when nuclear energy discharge radioactive element. When the blasts take place, thousands of people suffer from fatal diseases.

Now-a-day people are becoming aware of pollution. We must think that this world is ours. Everything, good or bad, happening in this world affects us all. So we should apply such devices which can save environment from pollution. Many countries are taking steps to fight against this evil named pollution.