Essay Writing Topics on THE COW


Cow is a domesticated animal. It is found everywhere in the world. It can be of various colours and size, ranging from giant size, Australian and American cows, small size cows of South-East Asia.

It is the most sacred animal in India, for the Hindus, is called “Gau-Mata” by the Hindus as its milk is a perfect substitute for a new-born baby in place of mother’s milk. Besides, it is also donated in charity to the poor Brahmins, for pleasing ancestors and Gods.

As mentioned above, cow is a domestic animal. It has four legs, two ears, two horns, one big tail and four feet. It is of various sizes and colours found everywhere in the world.

Besides, various products are made from the milk, as ghee, butter, khoya. From khoya various types of sweet- meats are made, which are eaten by the people, and is even exported to various countries of the world.

When the cow dies, its skin is used for making various kinds of leather-articles, as shoes, purses, belts, garments etc. Bones of the cow is used for preparing Bone-charcoal which is used for cleaning sugar and making it pure-white.

The horns and hoofs are used for making many decorative articles as show- pieces for our drawing-rooms. Combs of different types also prepared. The bull is extensively used for agricultural needs. The young male (oxen) the counter-part of cow is used by the farmer for ploughing fields or drawing water or for pulling the bullock cart.

The “Cow- Dung” is used as manure in agricultural fields by the farmers. The farmer’s wife makes cow-dung cake, which is used as fuel for cooking. Now cow-dung is used for operating Gobar-Gas Plant, which is mostly used in villages for cooking.

Cow is a domestic animal. It has many uses for the man, besides being a most sacred animal for the Hindus.