Essay Writing Topics on THE VALUES OF GAMES


Games play a vital role in the personality development of an individual. “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. This is a famous maxim. Physical fitness is essential for a better living. Games and sports form an essential part of school curriculum. Games provide the students the much needed amusement. They refresh their minds and enable them to do more work with greater enthusiasm. Games are important from the health point of view. The children, while playing in the open fields are in the company of nature, where they breathe fresh air. They run and jump in the open field and being to feel life in every limb. They also fill the lungs with pure air, improve direction and give a new energy to the children, making them more active and healthy. Games are also educative value. They teach us the qualities of cooperation, team spirit, honesty, equality, brotherhood and love. Games also teach discipline, punctuality, obedience to rules of the games etc. sports develop and encourage healthy competition and leadership. So games and sports have got a special importance in our life.