Essay Writing Topics on THE VILLAGE POST OFFICE


Post offices are very common in cities and villages. However, village post office are very small and normally there are only one or two persons that work in rural area. The postman bring ‘dak’ or letters etc. from the nearly city post office, sort them, place a seal on them and then these are distributed to the proper man.

Every morning, except the holidays many people of the village gather at the post office. They all are eager to have their letters that carry message from their dears and relatives or from the centre of the service.

For last few years there has not been any expansion of the village post office. So the relationship between the post office staff and the villagers are cordial. They know all the families and children and great one another when they meet on some occasion.

A village post office is a sort of meeting place where they exchange their views and opinions. At times, old people provide guidance and advice to the younger ones.

Newspaper, journals etc. are not freely available in the village. So when a newspaper arrives in the post office in the form of “dak” it is read at the post office to have the latest information and news. Normally any one reads it loudly while others listen to it.

Money orders and registered articles are also accepted and distributed through post office. Money orders, as the name suggests is monetary transaction through post office. Now National savings certificates, Indira Vikas Patra, Kisan Vikas Patra etc. are also sold through post office. Recurring, saving bank accounts and public provident fund accounts are also managed at all the post office. It helps increasing savings.