Essay Writing Topics on UNWANTED GUESTS


In ancient Indian society, guests were as gods. They were paid high respect. Their feet were washed and the hosts considered them to be lucky if a guest arrived. They believed in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. But now things have changed. Guests are often not welcomed at all. There are many reasons for this. First of all, modern world is full of competition and in this competitive world; people have no time to entertain guests. Many people call on others without warning. Now unannounced guests are not welcomed. Besides, there are guests who talk a lot and they unnecessarily drag others in their personal lives. Some guests come with a view to observe what is happening in the host’s life and to criticize people. Then, there are guests who come to borrow money or things like books, scooter, car etc. Such guests are not welcomed at all. The guests who overstay in the host’s house are unwanted. Another reason for not welcoming guests is the rising prices. In today’s world, when the cost of living has gone so high, people cannot afford to have guests and entertain them for long. The guests who interfere in one’s personal life are also unwanted. In today’s world there are may be only few genuine guests. Genuine guests are always welcomed even today but only for a short while.