Essay Writing Topics on WEEKLY MARKETS


Weekly markets are gradually becoming popular in big cities. Normally they organized on the weekly off days of the regular markets. These markets do not have any names but are know by the days on which they are organized such as the markets held on Monday are called ‘Som Bazaars’ or Monday markets. Two factors make these markets popular. First, the prices are quite low, and second, one can engage in the pleasures of hunting bargain without any hesitation. The regular visitors to these markets say that they can pick up small household articles at one place. These markets are becoming very popular with the housewives. These markets are great attraction for the lower income group of people. They have their nuisance value too. They block traffic in already congested lanes and streets. Those living near these markets complain of noise and garbage. More serious is the sale of inferior quality or harmful goods. Despite the problems, these markets have come to stay.