Essay Writing Topics on A ROAD ACCIDENT


Accidents have become daily happening in modern life. Every day our newspapers bring us of accident on the road, water or rail. People have come to accept them as part of life. But only by witnessing an accident can one understand the horror of it.

In big cities accidents are common during the peak hours. Some of these accidents are fatal. The main causes of accidents are rash driving and overcrowding on roads. The drivers of vehicles do not observe the traffic rules while driving. Last Monday I saw a very tragic accident on Mahatma Gandhi road.  It was 5 p.m and I was returning home by city bus. The road was crowded with people and vehicles. There was a great rush of trucks, cars, buses and scooters. Soon a motorbike with two youngsters overtook our bus at top speed. All the passengers in the vehicles and pedestrians were watching them. They approached the next bend, tried to take a short cut across it and collided with a bus coming from the other direction.

There was a big crash and loud noise. A fast running truck came and hit the bus from behind. All the traffic came to a standstill. People rushed to rescue the passengers of the bus which had over turned. One of the motorcyclists was lying unconscious on the road. The other youngster who was riding the motorbike was run over by the bus and was dead. There was a pool of blood. The smashed motorbike lay by the side of the dead man. Many passengers in the bus sustained serious injuries. I could not bear the sight.

The injured people were rushed to the hospital nearby. One of the passengers in the bus also died. Our bus which had stopped for a while due to the accident then proceeded on its journey. But to this day I cannot forget that horrible sight which was due to the over speed and carelessness of the young motorcyclist who lost his life.