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‘Discipline’ means systematic training, especially of the mind and character, aimed at producing self control and obedience to regulations and authorities, The word may also mean self control resulting from such training. When we are very young, discipline is imposed on us by our parents and teachers. This early training is a necessary phase in the moulding of character. Its objective is to help us to develop into good and responsible adults. This imposed discipline must gradually guide and lead us develop to self-discipline or self-control. And self-control makes difference between a barbarian and a civilized human being.

Self control is the control exercised by a person on himself in his behaviour and in his thoughts, words, and deeds, restraining these from straying from the path of moral rectitude and integrity. Thus a self-disciplined person is one who will never delibrately violate the laws of God who will never delibrately hurt the feelings or legitimate interests of his fellow men and women, who cultivates good manners in his dealings with others. In short, he is a person who controls all his inborn evil inclination, which, unfortunately, all human beings have. He is, therefore absolutely incorruptible. He never neglects his duties towards God, towards his fellow men and women, or towards himself.

Self discipline is self-conquest, which is the greatest of all conquests. This is also the most difficult of all conquest, but its fruits are exceedingly beneficial. It brings us freedom from slavery to bad habits, and bestows on us the freedom of the children of God. Discipline is absolutely necessary for an orderly society. Without it social life becomes impossible. No nation can flourish, or even survive, except on the foundation of individual and social discipline. The greatest threat to India today is the extinction of sense of discipline among the people, and especially among the politicians.

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