A student is not an exclusive entity in himself or herself. They have a number of forces that guide, influence or misguide them. To begin with they have parents- then the teachers who teach them and the managements that run the institutions, government organizations like the ministry of education or human resources, the Directorate, the university or the Board of education and the UGC. Political parties and leaders also come into picture; and they can’t ignore the 5% of their own self who were more interested in forming unions and creating problems in the institution they have joined. The remaining 95% have to follow their dictates.

Looking back to the parents – parents of the middle classes and those of the lower classes- both have nothing to offer to their sons and daughters. Parents of the upper class and the affluent families are more interested in their business, parties and clubs. The children are looked after by servants and attendants. On the one hand they took up the consumerism culture from the parents on the other they are dissatisfied with them for they think they are ignored. It brings problems in the family itself but it finds its reflection in the school or college they study in. the students belonging  to lower middle classes have also no rapport with the parents. The large number of children is a problem in itself. They are given birth to but are not looked after well. The large majority of students belong to this category. They ape the students of affluent families. But they can’t afford it. Naturally they are dissatisfied with the way of their bearing and rearing. Besides the problems in the family the unrest is reflected in their behavior in the school or college.

Teaching has no more remained an ideal profession. Although teachers are now paid very good salary many of them still run private classes at their home. Only those who can afford their fee can join them. The teachers help these students out of the way during examination season too. Clashes between teachers and the students in general are not uncommon.

The society around the students including their parents is so corrupt that corruption has become normal feature of the nation. Young student has some ideals in his life. But when he practices these ideals he is mocked at and in the long run he rather hates all around him. He finds the University officials, the government officers, the political leaders who talk of idealism but are corrupt. They are just guided by materialism. How can students have respect for them? They rather revolt against them.

The student is an outcome of the society he lives in. the society at large has to change itself. An ideal society will create intelligent and ideal students who will look after the nation. If he is surrounded by scandals like Bofors, bank scam, match fixing, fodder scam, conviction of the past Chief Minister and the Prime Minister for accumulating huge amounts of unaccountable money and for bribing people to save his post he would consider all these as the way of life. He will either be engulfed in this mire or revolt against it.