Essay Writing on A VISIT TO A CIRCUS


I had heard much about the circus, but had not visited any before it. It was my first visit. I was then six years old and in the first standard. Since the first visit has been the most memorable experience.

My father took my elder brother Apar and me to visit the Royal Circus in the evening. We had already got the tickets in advance. There was a big crowd of people. A huge tent with flood-lights and strings of burning bulbs was set up. Film music and songs were being played on loudspeakers. I was quite excited. Soon we entered the circus-tent and occupied our seats. We made ourselves comfortable and then looked around. There was a large gathering of people. They were all excited, joyous and full of fun and expectation.

The performance began with the appearance of two clowns. They wore multi-coloured dresses and funny caps. Their faces were painted white, red, and green. Their artificial big noses looked like red burning bulb. They performed several funny tricks to our great amusement. It was followed by one-wheeled cycle-show and rope-walking.

The spectators clapped to appreciate the performance. The feats on the swings, hanging high in the air, were really exciting. People applauded loudly whenever a breath-taking feat was performed. Then came horse-riders who performed many enjoyable and thrilling tricks and feats on the fast running horses.

It was great fun to see a monkey firing a gun and cycling in the ring. Next, a group of little elephants delighted us with their tricks and feats. The feats done by a young motorcycle- rider in a well-like cage of iron bars really made me breathless for a moment.

There were many more shows, equally enjoyable and exciting. But the show with a lion and five tigers excited me the most. I can never forget this show. A ring-master with a long whip entered a huge cage followed by these ferocious animals. They growled, pawed the air and roared dangerously. But the ring-master made them perform many hair-raising feats. Whenever any of these royal beasts dared to disobey him, he cracked his whip. And the beasts then followed his instructions like a tame cat.

We returned home late at night and immediately went to bed. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for me. I enjoyed and admire the show, and showed my appreciation by clapping my hands in between the performance. During the lion-show at one stage, I was full of fears as to the safety of the ring-master and us. But soon these fears proved childish, giving place to much joy and entertainment.