Essay Writing on A VISIT TO A ZOO


A zoo is a public garden with rare collection of animals and birds for exhibition. A visit to the zoo is informative as it increases our knowledge about the different species of animals and birds.

I am always fascinated by birds and animals and I will never miss an opportunity to visit them. Last year our school organized an excursion to Mysore. We visit the famous Zoological Park there. The Mysore zoo is the one of the biggest zoos in South India. The zoo spreads over several acres of land, and there is an iron enclosure all round. We bought our tickets and went in.

As we entered, we were greeted by chirping and singing of the birds. There was a beautiful lake in which we saw water birds like ducks, swans and cranes playing. Some birds were sitting on the branches of the tall trees around the lake. The rosy-red flamingos, white-feathered pelicans and Spoon Bills were a feast to our eyes. As we moved, we came across the birds of flight which were kept in cages. There were beautiful birds like parrots, sparrows, pigeons of various colours, peacock, eagles and lots of small other birds. They were twittering and flying from one corner to the other. It was music to our ears and a beautiful sight to our eyes.

We moved ahead and came to the deer park. The deer were grazing on the green grassy patches. These innocent and beautiful creatures are shy of people. The cute- eyed does and sturdy stags attracted us very much. There was an enclosure for kangaroos. We went further ahead to the monkey enclosure which attracted very much. There were monkeys of different kinds, colours and sizes. The baboons, the gorillas, and the chimpanzees amused us very much. They were jumping and playing in the cages. We throw packets of peanuts to them and they ate them up in no time.

We then moved on the section of wild animals. There we saw lions, tigers, bears, leopards and panthers. These beasts were kept in separate cages. There was a white tiger and polar bear which attracted big crowds. The tigers and lions moved to and fro with angry eyes. They looked very ferocious. We also saw African elephants, camels, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros and wolves. Crocodiles and alligators and tortoises were kept in the separate tanks. The last item to been seen was the snake park. These snakes were kept in the glass houses. There were different varieties of snakes. A hissing black cobra with its hood open frightened us. There were big pythons too.

We came out of the zoo of joy and happiness. My visit to the zoo was educative and entertaining. It was thrilling experience.