Essay Writing – War and Peace on a new outlook

The world has witnessed many wars right from the days of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Ramayana was a story of victory over the evil elements in society. The story was on a war over the evil elements in the society. Though the story was on a war over the abduction of a pretty woman ‘sita’, who was considered divine, because of her extraordinary noble virtues like patience, love, faithfulness to her husband and loving care for her relatives, the Ramayana is full of morals that are eternally valid. Lakshmana’s devotion to her brother Rama, Bharatha’s devotion to his brother, Dasaratha’s rule over his kingdom strictly following highly sacred ethical rules, his loving care for his subjects explain how a human being should live according to the age-old norms of morality, how a kingdom should be ruled.

The story of the Mahabharatha depicts the war fought between the Pandavas and the Kauravas over a dispute arising over the possession of a kingdom. Enmity, anger, hate have been the cause of many wars. King Ashoka turned a piece-lover after seeing the large scale destruction caused by the Kalinga war. He embraced Buddhism, the religion of non-violence and began a life of service to society. Wars have also been fought between a Chola king and a Pandya king, between a Pandya king and a Chera king and the woeful, large scale destruction of properties and people cannot be adequately described in words. These wars took place years back and we know of these wars only from the pages of history and through inscriptions. There were wars fought with arrows. The soldiers were riding on elephants, camels and horses.

  The world has been the scene of devastating wars of colossal carnage resulting out of the most destructive battles between one nation and another just because a powerful nation unable to brook a small nation’s intransigence to its dictates wants to wreak vengeance on the weak, small nation. Enmity, anger and hate between two nations victimize innocent, poor, famished people who are utterly shocked suddenly by the unexpected destruction of their small property and the death of their close, beloved relatives who may be the breadwinners. Wars extending to several years have caused untold damages to life and property. In a natural calamity in the twinkle of an eye there is mass destruction. The estimates increase the death-toll and in a war the destruction of properties and human lives excel that following a natural calamity. Wars and natural calamities are the causes of destruction of vast areas and people’s life.

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