‘Fashion, Fashion, Fashion’. Today’s world is full of fashion. Fashion has become a craze all through the world, especially with the youngsters. Our students- boys as well as girls- are very particular about fashion. Every student dresses in the latest fashion. They want to look smart, attractive and up-to-date. They blindly imitate the actors and actresses. They are always on the lookout for variety and novelty. Films do a lot to propagate new fashion. In today’s world, the fashion designers are prospering like anything. Their new fashionable dresses sell like hot cakes. Tailors also introduce new fashions. Fashion does not relate only to clothes. Going to club, hotel or a restaurant is also a part of fashion. Drinking, gambling, reading film magazines, making friendship with opposite sex, is all fashion. There is now the fashion of bell-bottom, bob hair, jeans, and pop music and disco dance. We are wasting our precious time and hard-earned money of our parents on fashion. Youngsters are so crazy about fashion that they do not mind emptying their pockets for the sake of new fashion. And thus goes on fashion for something new and novel.