A FLOOD SCENE: Essay Topics


Rivers are the veins of a country. They are a great blessings to man. But they cause great havoc when they are in flood. They overflow their banks and cause great devastation. The rivers which look gentle and beautiful in normal times appear furious and frightening while in flood.

During the rainy season almost all the rivers in India are full to the brim. Some of them are so flooded that they cause great ruins. Last year there was a severe flood in river Cauvery.  The torrential rain swelled the river. Its water crossed the danger mark and then started overflowing its banks. It broke its embankments and submerged the low-lying areas of the village on its bank.

The turbulent Cauvery engulfed large areas of human habitation and several hectares of standing crop. The flood waters damaged hundred of village and left the homeless. The bridge on the Cauvery near Ambikapur was away by the fold water.

The low-lying areas on the bank of the river were turned into large lakes. The current of the water was strong and swift the forceful current carried with them people, animals, houses and utensils. Many trees were also uprooted and carried away by the water. Hundreds of houses in the affected villages had collapsed. Walls made of mud were washed away. Lots of trees, dead bodies of men and cattle, small huts, and timber from collapsed houses were seen floating. Men and animals were seen sitting on those floating debris. There was water everywhere. The crops were destroyed as the flood water had entered the fields. A few villages had been completely cuts off as they were surrounded by water.

Thousands of people were marooned and they had to take shelter on tree-tops without food. Rail and road communications remained disrupted.  Roads, embankments and anti-erosion bunds were washed away by the furious river causing big breaches. The flood caused great harm to life and property. People were rendered homeless. Loss of cattle, standing crop and human habitation was very heavy.

The military was called in to undertake rescue and relief operation. Helicopters and speed boats were used to rescue the people and to distribute food, medicine and dress. Many welfare organizations also came forward to help the victims of the flood. Though flood is a natural calamity, the authorities must find some permanent solution to save the people from its destruction.