YOGA: Essay Writing


Yoga – it is an exercise for a perfect health.

This was taught world over by a man named, BKS Iyengar. What was strange about him was that, in his early life he had suffered with typhoid, malaria and was more prone to any infectious and contagious diseases. As if to rub salt to the wounds, his family was a poor one and he could barely able to get two square meals a day. So pathetic was his state, then!

Feeling sorry for this small boy his brother-in-law, took him to Karnataka state where he lived. It was a relief to the ailing boy. There he could eat regularly! Besides, his in-law had taught him some basic yoga to improve his health, which the boy did regularly.

As the days went by, his health was gradually improving! This motivated him to keep at it. And he continued to do yoga. By the time he became an adolescent, he was fit as a fiddle! Then as directed by his in-law, he proceeded to Maharashtra state to teach yoga there.

First, he had a fewer students. Yoga was yet to get recognition at that time. But that did not deter him. Whether or not he liked it, he had to I demonstrate yoga to his few students. Moreover, the language acted as a barrier. He spoke in I broken English and gestures. However, when the word passed around, more people poured in.

This was pleasing to him and he taught them all that he had learned. Years after that, he returned to his in-law with the money he had I earned. At 25, he got married.

One day he ran into an influential person, a family friend called, Yahudi. On seeing the great potential in the young man (BKS), Yahudi advised him to go abroad and teach.

That was how he had spread his wings to many foreign soils. He went to countries like, France (Paris), London and many others where the people welcomed yoga. It was a turning point in his life and also to lakhs of people.