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Good Manners

If a man is a bundle of habits, a gentleman is a bundle of good manners. A man of good manners is an ornament, but a rude man is a plague to society. Good manners have always been the hallmarks of noble souls like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohamed, George Washington and Gandhi.

Manners make a complete man and without them he will still be an animal. Good manners in life are very essential as they are a very valuable possession for social relations. They also help a person to win good friends and admiration. Good manners are indispensable to all. They are a better possession than wealth, beauty or talent. Good manners make a person civilized and cultured. Civility of speech and action is required of a good man. A person without refined manners will always remain uncivilized and will be disliked by others. So, children should be taught good manners from early childhood itself.

Good manners are based on courtesy and politeness. Civility and courtesy are of great value. A merchant who is not courteous soon loses his customers. A political leader who is not courteous soon becomes unpopular. If a teacher wants to be popular, he must deal with his students in a courteous manner. Good manners do not come naturally. They have to be learn and acquired. If children are not told and shown how to behave properly, they may grow rough and rude like savages.

Good manners are not the same in all countries. But the principle of-good manners is the same everywhere-it implies consideration for the feelings of others. They are the mark of a gentleman and a real gentleman always tries to consider the feelings of others. He will not say things that hurt them, he will not speak in a rude way to offend them, and he will not do things which others don’t like while in their company. Listening to the views of others with interest is also a sign of good manners. So, good manners spring from unselfishness.

Good manners also mean showing consideration to elders, ladies and sick persons. A good-mannered person helps a foreigner who is a guest in his country. Public property shouldn’t be destroyed as it belongs to us. While standing in the queue, one should wait for one’s turn. Similarly, smoking in public places, buses and trains is a bad manner. One should not boast about his achievements while in the company of others. In the same way, he should not be jealous of the achievements of others. One should also not criticize a person in his absence.

Good manners are necessary for success in life. Rough, rude and selfish people are disliked by the others and they can never be popular. But a good-mannered person always attracts the attention of others and is liked by all. Thus a good-mannered person is a gem among men.

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