It is a common belief that “a school is as the headmaster make it”. The reputation and success of a school depends on the foresight and administrative capability the headmaster.

Right from the admission of the students to the maintenance of discipline and teaching standards depends on the outlook and policies of the headmaster. He has to care for each and every activity in the school. In doing this he takes the assistance and support of all the teachers. Classes must be regular.

The school must have a good and favourable study atmosphere.  The library must be good. Regular classes, discipline and the existence of a good library are conductive to better studies. Students can achieve better results.

Besides studies, the headmaster is expected to develop games and sports activities in the school. The games teacher and assistants maintain the field. He purchases game material and provides games facilities and instructions to the students. The headmaster prepares game policies with the help of the game staff. Matches and tournaments are also arranged. Our game teacher selects the team and imparts proper training to them. Debates and discussions are often arranged by our headmaster. It gives confidence to the students and helps them to develop the quality of public speaking.

Scouting and N.C.C training is arranged in the school by the headmaster. These develop the sense of discipline among the students.

All these actions of our headmaster are liked and appreciated by the students, staff and parents.