IELTS Writing Tas k 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 47

The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books and they shouldn’t waste their limited resources and space on providing expensive hi-tech media such as computer software, videos and DVDs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Since centuries libraries are in the service of man. These libraries are the repositories of never ending knowledge known as books. Some people opine that libraries should only provide books and not other hi-tech media such as computer software, videos and DVDs. I, however, believe that such hi-tech media should not be treated as a rival to books. Rather, it should serve as a complementary role.

Because of technology, books are now being converted into disc forms such as CDs and DVDs. Even the availability of books in the form of electronic media on NET is putting in danger the importance of the libraries. Moreover, a person can sit comfortably in his study as the availability of reference books in the form of CDs and DVDs makes him reluctant to leave his study for library.

However, one should keep in mind that a person goes to a library not only to search and get information from books but also to sit and study there. The ambience and the peaceful and scholarly atmosphere of the library help one to concentrate more on one’s work and study. Thus, libraries will never become redundant. They will always be there to indicate the presence of a well-read and educated society.

Another important point is that it is very difficult to always read books from the computer monitor. Traditional books can be issued from the library and read in the comfort of your bed. Hi-tech media can be accessed only by those who are computer literate. The access to such media can be affected by power cuts and network failures. Moreover, in a traditional library you are guided by the librarians if you need any help in searching for the book.

In conclusion, I believe that, advancement should be welcomed in every field but the importance of the libraries for their fundamental role cannot be put aside. This tendency will add more crowns of success to the importance of libraries.

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