IELTS Writing Tas k 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 53

It is better for students at university to live far away from home than to live at home with their parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is a highly debated issue whether it is better for university students to live far away from home than to live at home with their parents. There are pros and cons of both approaches. It is necessary to look at both sides of the argument before forming an opinion.

There are definite benefits of staying at home. To begin with it is much more economical to stay at home than to stay near the university. If you choose to stay at the university then you either stay at the university dormitory or rent your own apartment. Both university options are more expensive as compared to home. Then you have to do your own cooking and cleaning which is not the case if you stay at home where your mother looks after all these things. You do spend some time commuting to and from the university but then you save your time on cooking and cleaning. The disadvantage of staying at home is that you may be disturbed by siblings and you have to help in household chores.

There are many advantages of staying near the university. University education is a time for you to mix with people of different backgrounds and cultures. This cultural exchange usually occurs after class hours. If you have to return home then you miss out on this golden opportunity. Secondly, there are good study facilities such as library, computer lab etc. if you are on or near the campus. You also get to experience some independence. The downside is that it is expensive and to cut the cost you may have to share your apartment with someone you don’t like.

In my opinion, it is definitely worthwhile to live at the university than with your parents even if you have to shell out some extra money for that because it is a golden opportunity to interact with people of different parts of the world and you get to enjoy the benefits of facilities like the library and sports stadiums and gyms.

In conclusion, I believe that, there are benefits and drawbacks of both approaches and the decision is purely subjective. However, in my opinion staying near the university is better.

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