IELTS Writing Tas k 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 59

Throughout the history, male leaders always lead us to violence and conflict. If a society is governed by female leaders it will be more peaceful. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In the history of mankind there have been many records of violence and conflicts in the form of wars. Some people think that if a society were governed by female leaders, it would be more peaceful. However, if we look into the past history we can get numerous examples when there have been wars and conflicts even during the rule of women rulers. So, I disagree with the statement.

If we had female only rulers, we probably wouldn’t be alive today. Sure most wars were caused by men, but that is only because more than 90% of rulers were men. Female rulers have also caused wars and their fraction is a lot higher than male rulers. For example, during the Tang Dynasty, the first female ruler of China, Wu Zetian who was well-known for her tyranny and cruelty, launched a series of wars to expand the territory of the empire. This didn’t happen only in China. It was Queen Victoria who invaded India, China and many other countries in close succession. Even our late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, led India in a war against neighboring Pakistan which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan.

It is understandable if you say that generally, women are more affectionate, thoughtful and gentle as compared with men. They are also less ambitious and aggressive. However, politics is decided by the interest. If you are the leader of a society, you surely have the required leadership qualities regardless of the gender. Apparently, leaders, male or female, will have to make a decision according to special interest.

In conclusion, I believe that, a society will not necessarily become more peaceful merely because it is governed by a female leader because, essentially, there is no difference between female and male leaders when it comes to politics.

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