IELTS Writing Tas k 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 57

Some people think the main purpose of schools is to turn the children into good citizens and workers, rather than to benefit them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

I definitely agree with the statement that the primary aim of schools is to turn the pupils into good citizens and workers rather than benefit them as individuals. I feel that schools have to fulfil both things but the primary aim is towards the welfare of the society and the benefit to the individual automatically ensues.

Schooling can do a lot for shaping children. Firstly, school is a system with so many possibilities for a child to grow into what he or she actually is. For example, teachers are able to mould children by identifying their hidden strengths, and the same strength may later make the child what he actually is in this world for.

Secondly, since children spend a sizeable amount of their time with teachers and a community of boys and girls from different faiths, statuses and family values – there is great possibility for a child to undergo a transformation into a good human being. Teachers are a great force to influence children.

Of course, learning academic subjects is the main aim for what students go to schools. Definitely, the job market requires professional knowledge the most. But it is also true that if students become good citizens and workers, they are themselves equally benefited too.

In conclusion, I believe that, raising children into real human beings involves several factors. Among them, the prominent one is good schooling. Schools’ main function is to make students good and responsible workers and the personal benefit to students also takes place simultaneously.

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