IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 18

Rich countries should not employ skilled labor from poor countries, as poor countries need the workers more. Do you agree or disagree?

Rich countries depend heavily on cheap imported labor to increase their profit margin. This demand for outsourcing increased further during recession faces by USA. Although poor countries may need their skilled workers to help them develop as a nation, it is felt that overall greater benefit is seen when their skilled workers are employed by rich countries. This essay shall analyze how the employment of cheap foreign labor helps the developing countries also by giving them chances for skill development and economical growth.

Firstly, when developed countries outsource work, requiring skilled labor to developing countries, a demand is created in those poor countries which leads to the development of higher education in those poorer nations. For example, in the late twentieth century India saw a huge influx of software development work from the United States and this corresponded positively with an equal growth in the Indian tech-related education sector. This example shows that if developing countries make their skilled labor available for hire to the world, they also develop their internal infrastructure such as good educational institutes. Thus, developing countries are also benefited when an openness to foreign employment is embraced.

In addition to this, the economies of developing countries are given new avenues in which to grow when a working partnership with developed countries is established. Again, take the relationship between the United States and India as an example. Currently, English-speaking receptionists in India handle telephone support for many different American products. These employment options encourage more and more Indians to study English, which in turn creates all sorts of new opportunities for business relationships between the two countries. Thus, the idea that poor countries should close their doors to foreign interest in their skilled labor is not supported.

It has also been seen that workers from poor countries earn more from rich countries than they would from employment within their country. Most of them invest that money in their own country and this improves the overall economy of the poor countries.

In conclusion, I believe that, poorer countries are in most cases bettered by making their skilled labor available to developed countries. This trend is in no way detrimental to their own development.

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