IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 3

Some people say that subjects like arts, music, drama and creative writing are more beneficial to children and therefore they need more of these subjects to be included in the timetable. Do you agree or disagree?

Arts have little or no place in the educational curriculum so far because we have a feeling that time spent on these things is time wasted. Recent studies, however, have shown that a good curriculum that includes arts education can have multiple benefits which I shall highlight in this essay.

The most important benefit of arts in schools is that it contributes to making a well rounded student. Not only that, certain forms of arts instruction enhance and complement academic skills such as basic reading skills, language development and writing skills. So, children do well in other subjects also.

Another big advantage is that it encourages the pursuit of extra-curricular activities. Children get a chance to show their creative expression. When such hidden abilities are exposed in school time then those with exceptional talent can be encouraged to adopt it as a profession later-on in life. It is a well known fact that people in such professions are earning telephone figure salaries nowadays.

Last but not least, such subjects are stress-busters. In the highly competitive era of today, pressure of academic subjects is too high. Arts like music, drama and creative writing break the monotony of tough academic studies.

In conclusion, I believe that, our educational curriculum needs a serious revision and more of such subjects need to be added to the school curriculum. They complement academic study, bring out hidden talent and break the ennui of tough academic studies.

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