IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 79

Our cities are becoming more and more overcrowded. In order to stop this overcrowding, we need to move large companies and their employees, out of these crowded city areas. How far do you agree or disagree with this?(Scots)

In the city many people expect to find better employment opportunities often with bigger, secure companies It is true that the world’s largest companies are located in large cities. As cities become overcrowded some have suggested that the larger companies move out of the city and relocate to more remote areas. While this is a good idea, in practice it is not possible.

Moving thousands of employees from large companies out to remote areas would have a positive impact on the overcrowding of some cities. There would be less traffic, less people in the city centre, and this would obviously be highly desirable. In addition, there would be less strain on the services offered by the city – banks, public transportation, restaurants and the like. This would mean a reduction in queues and faster customer service.

The problem however would be that a dramatic reduction in numbers of people in the cities would mean that many businesses would go broke. Restaurants, cafes and other service areas would suffer tremendously. What would happen is that overcrowding would occur where the new, large organizations relocated. More and more people offering services would spring up – restaurants, shopping centers and other businesses would be needed to service the increasingly larger numbers of people who moved to the area. In addition, could a remote, country town supply the enormous quantities of housing, electricity and raw materials required to run a huge company? I think not.

Certainly relocating the employees of huge companies would assist with the overcrowding problem in some cities. However, a new set of problems would surface. The idea of moving larger corporations out to remote areas sounds good in theory but would fail in practice.

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