IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 101

Some people think it is not necessary for adults to receive education in class. Self-study is a good way for them to study more effectively. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

When adults choose to study, it is mostly for self-enrichment, for enjoyment or self-improvement, not to work toward a vocation or degree. They have two options in front of them. One is to do self study through various resources such as the internet or libraries and the other is by enrolling in regular classes. I do agree that self study is more convenient for adults; however, the most effective approach would be to do major part of the study on one’s own and top it up with a few days in the classroom.

With the help of the Internet self-study can be a very useful way to learn anything nowadays. There are thousands of resources available on the Internet that can help one to traverse the ins and outs of any subject. Many sites also offer video tutorials. By utilizing the vast amounts of teaching resources as well as authentic materials, such as official online sites of some universities, one can really develop one’s skills independently. Besides the Internet one can purchase textbooks or borrow books from libraries that can help in learning about any subject. Finally, self study requires very little finances and one can also look after family commitments.

There are some disadvantages of self study. To begin with, it is difficult to remain focused on study and one can get bored or distracted very soon. The teachers in the classroom setting can keep one focused on study. Secondly, while doing self study, there are chances that one can study incorrectly. Nonetheless, for adults self education is much more convenient as the classroom may not be in an approachable location or the timing may not suit them.

In conclusion, I believe that, as that there are many barriers to adult education such as time, money and family commitments, I agree to quite some extent that self study is a good way for them. However, I would also like to say that the ideal approach would be to have a blend of self study and classroom learning.

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