IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 108

Small shops in towns and villages are closing and replaced by big stores. Explain your opinion. Do you think it is good or bad?

Commercialization has grown rapidly in the modern era. Consequently, there is a mushroom growth of big shopping malls. As every garden has weeds, this phenomenon also has its pros and cons. On the whole, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

There are many advantages of big stores. To begin with, they save our time. We do not have to waste time going from one small shop to the other. Secondly, these stores offer a huge variety of goods. For example, in some stores you can buy anything ranging from a sewing needle to a car.

Furthermore, such stores purchase items in bulk and so they can afford to sell the products at a lower price than the other small retailers and therefore the customers are benefited. To add to it, they sell mostly the branded products and so the quality is assured. Another advantage is that most of such stores accept credit cards and so you don’t have to carry heavy chunks of cash.

On the downside, such malls promote consumerism. They pull the customers through attractive displays and schemes and as a result customers end up buying more than they need. Moreover, such shops are opened with huge investments. So they can withstand adverse market conditions for a long time. Because of this the small retailers and vendors are finding it difficult to cope with them.

In conclusion, I believe that, big shopping malls are definitely an asset to the customer and society despite their drawbacks.

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